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Friday, 27 March 2009

Jasper the Monster!

Well I have finished the first of the two little soft toys for the new baby's nursery, and gave it to Bea to give to her little brother or sister when it arrives. She has one knitted in moss green. She was thrilled, and I also gave her the matching cuddler, which is also the same as the one she takes to bed every night! So Nanny is flavour of the month! I also gave my son as shawl I had that his grandmother knitted for me. So the new babe has something knitted by it's greatgrandmother as well as me!

(Note: I have adjusted the stuffing in Jasper now, as I saw from the picture that it wasn't quite even!)

It was a bit manic for a bit in this house - I couldn't find my button box! Catastrophe! - in fact I still can't find it. Bea offered to look for it bless her! I had to nip down to a pal's and raid her button tins! She has two Very Large sweet tins (you remember the size Roses used to come in?) Even so it took us a while to find 3 different coloured buttons of a similar size! I thought I also had my mum's box - but think I may have given that to my daughter!

I next have to tackle Agnes the Duck - a crocheted toy to match the one Bea has.


Jak Heath said...

Oh Mags I just found your blog and I bet you that the little knitted toy is really loved.
The knitted blanket you did is the same pattern that I had for my two girls, it is still a firm favorite today.

Beryl (bik59) said...

Lovely little monster, and how wonderful for the new baby to have something made by great granny
Beryl x