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Monday, 13 April 2009

Competition Card

As many of you know, the past few days have been a bit worrying as my new grandaughter was rushed into hospital at only 5 days old, with high levels of jaundice and dehydration, severe weight loss and not feeding. Thankfully after five days in SCBU she has come home today and fingers cross she is on the road to full recovery.

I wasn't going to enter the JS Forum competition, as I had absolutely no inspiration, but suddenly at literally the 11th hour an idea popped into my head, based on an idea I saw on C&C tv, and I tried my hand at printing on acetate. So it was a case of nothing ventured, nothing gained, and as it was for the competition, if my idea didn't work it would't matter. Thankfully my son had returned my guillotine a few days earlier, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to make it at all!

Card is pale yellow pearlescent with a third folded over on left hand side. Backing papers from Messy Rabbit CD as is the Rabbit image.

I created an egg in Publisher using shadow filling in a square, then drawing an oval on top of that, and finally adding the wording. I used the daffodil edge of the blue backing paper to create a "band" around the egg and added some gold ribbon. finished off with some of my favourite cardy candy, which helped prevent the acetate from flopping.

Of course I didn't win, but didn't expect to, but it is the joining in that is the important thing I must admit the card looked better in real life than in the photos. It was very difficult to get a good image. I think Richard did a great job with his photo (the second one shown above) that went on the forum - far better than the ones I did.

However, the main object was to try something I hadn't done - so now I can try the technique again and improve on it.

The next thing I want to try is to print on vellum and emboss the whole image - I have printed writing on vellum and it has worked ok - am wondering what a hole image would look like embossed - watch this space - lol!

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