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Saturday, 27 June 2009

sorry to be boring ....

...... but having so much fun. Sat out in the garden doing these this afternoon. I have used the JS Rose stamp before, and normally water-coloured it, using Lyra or Sakura.

The other three are stamps I have purchased at some point and not got around to using. The poppy and the Medallion ones are stamps from Glenda, and the owl was one I bought at the Craft Barn one day, couldn't resist it - as the sentiment made me laugh!

Think the owl one might get used on husband's birthday card!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Quietly playing ...

I have sat quietly this afternoon, playing with my new promarker pens, that my husband treated me to as an early birthday present.

I have really enjoyed myself, and it was so relaxing and rewarding to get a decent finished image. I decided to prepare some card toppers for future use.

First three using some stamps that I have had for years, and that haven't seen the light of day in a long time. (It also means I have made a start on my Christmas cards!)

These four are some newer stamp purchases.

I really love these new pens.

They give such a professional finish to the colouring of the image. Don't think I have ever done so much colouring in one afternoon!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Panic over!

so I sat clicking on the followers of my blog over the weekend and created a new Blog favs folder, and started adding everybody - and having done about 5 - suddenly when I clicked add to favs - I had a choice of the old blog favs and the new blog favs - Obviously the original file had finished its wanderings around cyber space and returned home! blinking technology! (well those weren't my exact words!) rofl!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Not a Happy Bunny!

I am not a Happy Bunny today - the Blog Folder in "My Favourites" on my Computer has disappeared into Cyber Space! It is only the Blog folder that appears to be missing - although there could be a few other links missing from other folders that I haven't discovered yet. Would have to be the folder I used most wouldn't it!

Theoretically the "My Favourites" file is kept on the AOL Server and should be available if I sign on from any computer - well I haven't managed to access it from any of ours - so looks as though I will have to go round to my daughter's and try and access from hers.

I even lost the link to my own blog - fortunately I had about three of the ones I follow duplicated on IE as well as my own. Thank goodness! So if you are reading this and know that I normally follow your blog - could you either send me a link to your blog via an email (if you know my email address), or via YUKU for JS forum members or through FaceBook, for those of you that are on there.

Thankfully I can at least click on the friends that follow this blog and add some of them back into my file.


Sunday, 7 June 2009

Playing about

One of my forum pals posted a link to a programme for making these Rubik's cube images. So naturally I had to play. Think I am a techno crafter rather than a stamping crafter, as I love doing things like this!

The one on the left is one of my granddaughters at the beach last week, and the other is using one of the Kaleidoscope images I made with my clematis picture (See earlier posting). You can also make jigsaws and christmas baubles. I think the Rubik's cube one would be very useful for those difficult mens cards. Can see myself creating an image in My Craft Studio and then saving it as a jpeg and converting to a rubik image.
and if you want to know what the programme I used was click on this link:

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Crafting with Granddaughter

I have had eldest granddaughter staying for two days this week - Thursday off because of polling and then Friday was an inset day.

We spent most of our time crafting, although there was a visit to the hairdressers on friday for the two of us, and the playing of a few board games. DIL visited on Thursday too with the other granddaughters - so Bea of course had to do a bit of crafting with her cousin Ellie. (I bought Bea a cuttlekids machine for her birthday, and although her mum had to help her a bit, she did the turning of the handle, and stuck all the foam images onto her Birthday Thankyou cards herself. I also bought a rather nice Forever Friends starter stamping kit - think I might have to borrow that at some point!

I had been making note of all the colouring techniques on the Forum, so we decided that was what we were going to practise. Ellie is getting quite good with using a koi brush and sakura or felt pens (well I did buy her Lyra Aqua colours for her birthday so think she has been getting some practise in!)

Anyway enough of my rambling - here are Ellie's cards. First two just playing about and for no particular person. Next two are a card for her little pal's birthday today and a topper for a Christmas card. Ok so Christmas Roses aren't really that colour - but her colouring in real life is gorgeous - sparkly sakura done with a koi brush.

and I suppose I had better show my efforts - perhaps not as good as Ellie's!

Think I need more practise - but am gradually getting the hang of shading - shame my experiment on the ivy didn't come out as I wanted it - although it does look better than in the photo, as the sakura highlights are more subtle.