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Friday, 12 June 2009

Not a Happy Bunny!

I am not a Happy Bunny today - the Blog Folder in "My Favourites" on my Computer has disappeared into Cyber Space! It is only the Blog folder that appears to be missing - although there could be a few other links missing from other folders that I haven't discovered yet. Would have to be the folder I used most wouldn't it!

Theoretically the "My Favourites" file is kept on the AOL Server and should be available if I sign on from any computer - well I haven't managed to access it from any of ours - so looks as though I will have to go round to my daughter's and try and access from hers.

I even lost the link to my own blog - fortunately I had about three of the ones I follow duplicated on IE as well as my own. Thank goodness! So if you are reading this and know that I normally follow your blog - could you either send me a link to your blog via an email (if you know my email address), or via YUKU for JS forum members or through FaceBook, for those of you that are on there.

Thankfully I can at least click on the friends that follow this blog and add some of them back into my file.



Glitzzynews blogspot said...

so sorry to hear your news,you may be lucky if your daughter can help you!! Don't know what I would do without mine!!
Take care Luv Maureen x

KraftyKoolKat said...

Hi Mags
Sorry you have had problems, I don't think I can help you as I don't think you usually follow my blog. I have you saved in mine but don't know if this will help. Cathy xxxx P.S. None of your past things came up when I went in.

craftypixie said...

h no Mags what a bummer!!
If you look on fb there is a link to my blog hunni,not that ive put any cards on there for a while i have no craft room!!!
Good luck getting all your blog list back
Wendy xx

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Hope you have managed to get everything sorted?
Can you come to my blog,as something for you.
Luv Maureen x