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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Christening Cake - finished!

Well here it is - the end product.  One 9" round Christening Cake.  Not too bad considering it is 12 years since I created a Royal-iced cake in earnest!  (but at least I know that when it comes to making the stacked royal-iced wedding cake later in the year - everything should work out ok on the technical side, as I there will not be visible boards between the tiers on that one!) 

Here is a close-up picture of the side design:

For those of you that might want to know the technical details - the cake was actually placed on a dtt board (double thick thin) before marzipanning.  Then three coats of icing put on - top one day, side next (three times) and then a final watered-down coat applied to the top and then the side.  (at least when I come to do the wedding cake, apart from the bottom tier I shan't have to iced any boards, and to prove that the cake would come off the board, I ran a very fine palette knife around bottom edge and was able to successfully move the cake.   In fact to prove it worked, I actually placed the cake on another board whilst I iced the cakeboard (would normally do this with cake in situ).  So am pleased that my idea worked (icing collegues think I am mad to tackle a stacked royal-iced wedding cake - so that may well be a First! -watch this space in August!  The worst part will be rodding the cakes - not an easy thing to do on a royal iced cake - but I have a plan!)

ps.  We are also having a sponge cake to go with above cake for those that don't like fruit cake - but DIL has ordered a plain M&S one.   So just got to make some flowers for that now!   Shall probably tackle those tomorrow as we were going to the Make-It Show at Farnborough and it has been cancelled due to the weather forecast!  hey ho!


Beryl K said...

Mags, this is soooo beautiful. You certainly are a whizz when it comes to cake decoration. I am sure the wedding cake will be just as fabulous. You must post a picture when you have made it.
Beryl x

Anne said...

Awesome! Hugs x

Jan said...

That is just stunning,so elegant xxJan

Sheila - Ginger said...

Oh Mags the Christening cake is just so stunning!! I'm in awe of your beautiful cake making. Well done you clever lady!

Love Sheila xx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Wow!!! Fabulous Mags. Cathy xxxx

kathleen said...

Mags it is beautiful.
kathleen x