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Friday, 26 March 2010

Retirement Cakes

Apart from card making this week I have helped a long-time pal ice three retirement cakes.  Her daughter had asked her to do them for a colleagues retirement, but her hands are so bad at the moment, she asked if I could give her a hand, coating and decorating them.   We kept them fairly simple and used bought flowers, which we smartened up by adding ribbon.

The colour scheme was chosen to reflect the company colours.  theoretically all the cakes should have had the lettering in first picture, but as they took so long to make, and kept breaking the two larger cakes had the lettering as in the second picture.  Hopefully the staff eating the cakes won't really notice!


kathleen said...

Lovely Mags

Kathleen x

Jan said...

Yum it looks too good to eat xx jan