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Monday, 31 May 2010

Gosh it's been a busy few days!

Am just recovering from a lovely but very busy weekend.  My pal forum pal Jacque (Sassie) and her husband Ian came up to spend a few days.  We didn't do a lot - a bit of craft shopping, but mainly relaxing and chatting.   I had to abandon them for a couple of hours on Saturday as my son has got me a ticket to see his eldest daughter perform on stage for first time with her ballet school.   It was a very special day, as the theatre she performed in was built because my parents badgered and badgered the Council to get it built.  They were very involved in this theatre, performing there many times; and when my father died, the Council arranged for a plaque to be placed in the "House Seats" (not normally sold but used by visiting VIPs - and Seat no 7 was my father's special seat when he was entertaining the VIPs).  There is also a dedication to him in the room that houses the "describing for the blind" equipment, as it was he that got it installed.  At Christmas the local Lions International Club provide a Christmas Tree for the foyer, and that too has a little plaque in front of it dedicated to Dad (he was a founder member of the local club).   When my mother died she requested that her wake be held in the theatre.   So to see Bea performing in her "great grandparents special place was very moving, and I must admit when she was on stage I could feel my parents presence in the theatre approving.  My youngest granddaughter (aged 1) was also with us, and she sat enthralled by what was going on on stage - it was almost as if she too sensed the "special" atmosphere.    At the end of the show, my son took a photo of Bea with her greatgrandfather's plaque.  I can't wait to see it.

Sunday also saw me abandoning my visitors (although they arranged to meet up with some forum pals locally - so I didn't feel too guilty!)  I had another special event to attend - a tea party at South Lodge, the birthplace of Guiding in Sussex.   The original owner - Dame Alice Godman took over from the first County Commissioner for Sussex - one Lady Olave Baden-Powell.  So it is a very special place for us locally.   Dame Alice's two spinster daughter's took over from their mother.    Recently we planted some Guide Centenary Roses at South Lodge, and one was just coming into bloom on Sunday.  It is a beautiful place - just across the road from the famous Leonardslee Gardens and full of lovely rare plants and trees, and has magnificent rhodedendrons and azaleas.

some of the cakes at the teaparty

the guide rose bed, below the terrace

the rose plaque

some photos of the grounds (they had a marriage blessing in the grounds on Sunday too - you can just see the chairs.)

Last week also saw Bea celebrating her 4th birthday - and I made this cake for her birthday party which was also on Sunday.  This is Bea with her Sleeping Beauty cake (her request) the morning of her party when she called to collect it.

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