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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Quickie Cake!

Wasn't going to make my son a cake, as he is on a diet, but he was so disappointed when I spoke to him on Monday,and said he would like one to take into the office - that I knocked this up today!  Talk about the lazy cake decorators cake! He requested a sponge with a jam filling.  As you can see I opted for the cupcake idea again!

One victoria sponge, sandwiched with jam, cut into a rough shape of a cup cake, quickly spread with boiled apricot jam, and sugarpaste applied.  The ivory sugarpaste was firstly rolled with a ribbed roller, and the white sugarpaste cut with a wiggly line.   A split cherry on top, some bought chocolate letters and a tube of chocolate icing.  The most difficult job was piping with the little tubes of icing!  Apart from the cooking and cooling time for the sponge - voila one 30 minute cake!


kathleen said...

Looks good Mags.

kathleen x

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Hey Mags,
I am going to be 62yrs young in July,could you make me a cake like that wooeee Lokks soooooooo good,I can almost taste it lol,
really looks fab.
Luv Maureen x