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Friday, 30 July 2010

handmade birthday cards received!

Here are the hand made cards I received for my birthday

from daughter Dawn - the darker blue backing paper has been created by her too.

from eldest granddaughter (aged 8) - need to borrow that nestability!

from youngest grandaughters (aged 4 and 1) made with supervision of Auntie Dawn.  I think the card is coloured with paper-soft colours and sponges, and then it has butterflies stamped on it (you can just about see these).  Well done girls it is lovely. Your colouring is lovely.

from my daughter's MIL - she makes lovely hand-embroidered cards.

The following were from JS forum pals - well what can I say - they are all absolutely gorgeous:

from Sheila

from Andrew

from Adele

from Jan

Thank you all so much - they will all be treasured


Rita said...

Oh Mags ,What a Great selection of cards, every one of them is so exquisite. Happy Birthday and I hope you have had a lovely day. Hugs Rita xxx

Sandra said...

Thank you for sharing your stunning cards... I'm sure you will treasure them all.
Belated birthday wishes form me!
Sandra x