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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Sharing some precious moments

Wanted to share these precious moments with you and hoping it is safe to put these photos on now, as I think my son and daughter in law will be too busy to see in the run up to the wedding.

How to make a card by Connie age 16 months

First of all you spend the day at your Auntie Dawn's house so you can make cards with your Nanny.

You then get Nanny to prepare the card and mat and layer the image, and you help stick the foam pads on, then you put it on the card like this:

then you pat it to make sure it has stuck:

then you admire your handiwork

then when Nanny says that is lovely you look all bashful "oh shucks - it was nothing really!"

You get Nanny to put some peel-offs on the card ('cos that is a bit difficult) and you choose some star gems to put on it, and help put them on.

You get Nanny to make an insert and you choose a peel-off image to put on the flyleaf and then Auntie Dawn helps you write your name and you put kisses on the card.
My big sister Bea (aged 4) makes quite good cards too - she made this one with die-cut decoupage that she chose when she was out shopping with Nanny, and she had fun sticking all the foam pads on, and choosing the flowers and the little heart gems, she wanted to use. Nanny put the peel-offs on for her, as that was a bit tricky as well as matting and layering the image.
Nanny made the insert and Bea wanted to use one of Nanny's little doilies, and chose a spray of flowers sticker to put on it for her card, and then she signed her card.
We hope you like our efforts for our Mummy and Daddy's wedding next week, and thank you Auntie Dawn for taking the photos. love The Bumbles (aka Connie & Bea) xxx

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