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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fancy fold template

As Rita commented that she couldn't work out the instructions, as she didn't have the board Leann used, here is a copy of my template especially for her (and anybody else). 
Feel free to download it and print it out at 100%.   The dotted lines are the scored fold lines, and the solid line is the line you cut.

This Template is for an A5 finished card.  

This is what I did using my M&F Board and my Hougie Board. 

a)  score part of the way across the centre of the card on half A4 mark.  Line 1

b) Then with a pencil I marked the score lines Nos2 & 3 up from one end on the long side.  Then marked another score line No 4 the other side of the half A4 fold line.  Then marked each end of the cut line between score line No 2 and score line No 4" .  I made this line 1" from the long edge - but you could vary this.

I then scored the lines, so that they all met (on my Hougie Board) but any board would do, extending line 1 to reach the cut line mark. Finally I cut down the solid line.

Score Lines Nos 1, 2 and  4 are mountain folds - No 3 is a Valley fold.

Hope this helps.

Obviously you could change the size of the original cardstock to whatever size you prefer - but hopefully this gives you a basic guide.

Hope this makes sense and helps.   (Tip:  make a trial template out of copy paper first).

1 comment:

Rita said...

Thank-You so much Mags. I can see right away where I was going wrong. Just cut one on sample paper and its perfect. Hugs Rita xxx