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Sunday, 31 October 2010

A Christmas Card!

Just thought I'd share the card I made for the JS Giordano Christmas Creations competition.  Nothing spectacular, for those of you that know me  know that I only do simple, but I am going to make quite a few more with this design having spent a while creating it.    I tried to create the effect I wanted in Digital Scrapbook Artist 1, but couldn't get the effect I wanted.  Confess I can't get on with that programme that well - oh ok - I suppose that should read I haven't really mastered it yet.  (I think DSA2 is supposed to be better - but can't warrant buying that until I have mastered  DSA1 !)  However, I managed to get rid of the frame around the image in DSA1 and saved it as a jpeg, and imported it into MCS and created the word around the image.   The wording and the image were then highlighted with a quicky glue pen and sparkling snow glitter.  The card stock was double-sided green and white and green dots.  (I think it was a pack from papermania - I have mislaid the front of the pad).

I made a matching insert (as I didn't have any more of the green spot card - I scanned some red from the pack and turned it green in MCS! ) Arranged it so there was just a green spot border with the little image of the snowman in the bottom corner. 

This is another photo - not so good on the quality of the colour, but there isn't a shadow on the left and shows the card better, although you can't see the glitter on this one!

I was quite pleased with the end result, as it didn't actually look like a hand-made card - more like a shop bought "hand-finished" card.  Now off to the JS shop to decide what I goodies I want to buy with my discount for entering the competition!  I need some essentals, having made 40 Christmas cards yesterday - I might even get around to photographing them and sharing them!

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