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Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas Cakes

Following on from the earlier post today, I thought I would share some photos of the family cakes I have finished making today:

Royal Iced cake with Penguin family

 Royal Iced Cake with Snowman family (don't look at that dodgy shell edge - still as my Dad would say a blind man would be pleased to see it!

a couple more pictures of the snowman cake

 and finally a sugarpasted cake with flat penguins.

Those who know the family will probably be able to guess who the recipients of the cakes are - and will give you a clue - one is mine!

Having finished these family ones, I now have three more sugarpaste ones to ice for a pal.  I had agreed to help her ice them, as she is suffering with bad hands at the moment - but she had an unexpected minor op on her foot yesterday and has been ordered to keep it up for the next 10 days -  Obviously I volunteered to undertake the marzipanning, coating and decoration for her.  I have instruction to keep them really simple - so watch this space - hopefully I will get them done over the weekend.

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LindaJay said...

what can I say - they are fantastic. What a talent