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Sunday, 12 December 2010

More Christmas Cakes

These are the cakes I have marzipanned and iced for my pal, who has just had a minor op and cannot do them.   I was going to help her originally anyway, so it was just a case of collecting the cakes, and all the necessary bits from her.   She had made 5 cakes, but her grandson (who wants to be a chef) is going to ice his and hers for her.  As I knew she wanted penguins on her cake, when I made the two penguins for my cake, I made and painted a family for her to use on her cake - so will be a little less hassle for her grandson).

The design on these cakes, is one I used to teach to my students for their first Christmas cake many moons ago! Ages since I have done this design, but my pal insisted that as I was doing her such a great favour by undertaking the lot that I kept it "simple".

The candles and flowers are made from modelling or flowerpaste, the fircones have been piped, and in the case of the two cakes with red candles - the flames are flaked almonds.

6" round for one of her friends
  side view

 6" x 4" oval for another friend

 side view

 7" round for her daughter - in colour scheme requested of cream and gold - so artistic licence on colours of leaves!  It doesn't show up well in the photo that well, but the candles are gold, and the holly and ivy leaves have highlights of gold on them, as do the fircones.

side view

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LindaJay said...

what fantastic cakes. They are absolutely gorgeous.