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Monday, 21 February 2011

Today's good deed!

I helped my pal, who can no longer do icing because of her hands, put the finishing touches to a family birthday cake this morning at her house.   She made the sponge, I split it and added buttercream and jam and then I put the sugarpaste icing on it , added the ribbon and piped the shells. She had bought a spray of sugar flowers - so then piped name to match and added the 60.   She has also bought one of the cake "fireworks" for them to put on the top left hand corner on the day.  It matches the card I made for my pal earlier - or rather the card matches the cake as I knew what flower spray she had bought!

 this was the matching card, which I have shown on earlier part of my blog.


Hazel said...

That's brilliant - I'm sure she'll love it. Hazel x

Beryl K said...

Beautiful cake and card Mags
Beryl x