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Saturday, 9 April 2011

A blast from the past!

I went to the theatre tonight to see "Spirit of the Dance" with my daughter and her family.  My granddaughter didn't know what she was going to see and you should have seen her face when the dancers came on - it was an apt treat as she has just passed her Bronze Ballet, Tap and Street Dance Exams with Distintion, Honours and Highly Commended in that order.

My hands ached from clapping and my feet ached from tapping - but the highlight of the evening was bumping into my bestest friend from school as we came out - talk about a chance meeting - I was literally standing next to her as we prepared to leave the foyer!  I haven't seen her in well over 20 years although we keep in touch with Christmas cards - I now have her email addy.  The last photo we had taken together was the last day of school in 1960! 

Anyway here is the photo my daughter took tonight!   Can you see I am thrilled to see her!   We always were the long and the short of it - and I have shrunk! (and was actually wearing heels last night! - so have shrunk more than she has!)


Jac said...

What a wonderful photo Mags & I can really imagine the thrill it gave you to meet your friend :) And....congratulations to your dear Granddaughter too.

Rita said...

What a fabulous story Mags, your picture speaks for itself. Congratulations to your clever Grand-Daughter as well. Hugs Rita xx