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Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter, Visitors & More ...

I have had the most lovely Easter.  My forum pal/cyber daughter and her husband came to visit arriving the Wednesday before Easter and have gone back today - gosh it is quiet here!  We haven't done a lot really, except perhaps eat, drink and laugh! (and when it comes to the drink - mainly tea!)

Anyway I can now get around to adding my Easter Cards and few other bits.

Easter Cards which were made in a rush the night before the visitors arrived - kept them fairly simply a quick oval punch for the egg, run through my new heart-embossing ribbler, a few bits of ribbon, bows, flowers from stash and a bit of embossing on the card with the hougie board.


The first picture is my pal Sassie's first attempt at Paint Fusion,  the second is a picture of the plaques that I painted complete with ribbons, that I turned into some Easter pressies.


Easter Sunday tea - eaten quite late in the garden as we were still full up from Easter Lunch (Roast Lamb and all the trimmings followed by Xmas Pud!)   I had made a Simnel Cake - first one I have made for years (complete with the marzipan layer in the middle) and some quick cup cakes - I ran out of time to do posh decoration!  final picture is my pal and her husband relaxing after our Easter tea!



Today the family joined us for a Chinese Banquet at one of the local restaurants - apart from one other couple we were the only customers in at lunch time!   We had personal service (although as regular customers we always do have good service!)   A few pics of some of the family and our pals at the restaurant - including one of youngest granddaughter asking for more!)


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Sass said...

Thank You for just the bestest weekend. I still think it wa really mean of you to wear your new dress today so it couldn't 'fall' into my suitcase!!!