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Saturday, 30 April 2011

paper, paint, craft stash & grandchildren! equals?

"Nanny I want to make a Witches Hat!" was the request when middle granddaughter and her sister came to visit this afternoon!   Well I made one out of copy paper and it was rubbish - then had a brain wave - thinking out of the box with paint fusion!  - sheet of newspaper, made into a large cone and  painted with black acrylic paint mixed with some watered down pva glue.  (I got that messy job - thank goodness for the wipe clean craft sheet).  This was put into the greenhouse for about 10 minutes to dry in the sun.   It stiffened it up beautifully - a bit like papier-mache!  Youngest granddaughter's hat was a bit simpler to make - just a couple of sheets of A4 taped together (although will confess couldn't remember how to make one at first so had to google it!)

They then raided my craft stash to decorate them!  (Ribbons, jewels, flowers, butterflies - including some of my best butterflies! )So apart from my painting the finished products are all their own work.

The finished hats

Front to the witches hat

 Back of the witches hat

Close up of the youngest's hat

2 yr old granddaughter showing off her finished hat

 5 year old showing off her hat - she said sun was in her eyes - thus the face, and it was also a tad windy!


Carol said...

Gosh Mags aren't they growing up fast. Their hats are brilliant and love the butterfly on the top! Carol x

Sass said...

Well done Bea and Connie your hats are really smart. You are very clever girls. Well Done