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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

5th Birthday cake

Here is the cake to go with the earlier birthday card - not one of my most brilliant creations, but inspiration was limited for the theme required of Barbie Musketeers.    I eventually found a children's colouring picture, which I resized to fit the cake, and then found another picture to show me what sort of colours were required!

Cake is a chocolate sponge with lemon buttercream in the middle, and spread over top and sides as a "glue".  I also added a couple of teaspoons of Nutella in the cake mix, which has really brought out the flavour of the chocolate!  A circle of  sugarpaste was put on the top.  I then rolled out flowerpaste really thinly on top of a document folder, containing the image I needed to paint, until I could see the outline underneath, cut out the circle to fit the top of the cake, and then painted the flowerpaste with the image of princess corrine, and dusted the background with light brown, green and blue shimmers for the background.  The flowerpaste was then peeled off the document and placed on the sugarpaste on top of the cake.

Inspired by something that Anne Pickard showed on a C&C demo, I pleated more sugarpaste around the sides of the cake. 

I hope my granddaughter likes it.  Fortunately it is only for the family.   Her mum made a lovely Princess Corrine Doll cake for her Birthday party last weekend, so I had to think of something different! (and I hate painting faces!)

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Beryl K said...

It might not be up to your usual creations Mags, but I am sure Bea will absolutely love it. It's far far better than anything I can do
Beryl x