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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Recycling plus Poppy Candle

Gosh I have been so busy lately - but at last the samples have been packed and shipped, and have had a bit of "me" time, although not as much as I would like - so much going on at mo.

I received an order from Crafty Crocodiles this week, and couldn't wait to play with one of the bits in the parcel - some pearlised acrylic paints - woohoo!  A few weeks ago I came to the end of a very large tin of cocoa and thought that it might be useful for all the paintbrushes I suddenly seem to have acquired, so put it to one side - so a little recycling!

It is not brilliant - but as it is only for me and it was a first attempt at painting a spray of roses - I am quite happy with it and you have to practise on something!  Also painting without a safety net as such - i.e. freehand (no stamped imaged for guidance!)

front - painted with my new pearlised acrylics - inspired by Stephanie Weightman's one stroke painting technique.

the otherside with an attempt at honeysuckle using ordinary arcylics (copied from my folk painting book)

another view

I also painted another candle - this time with a poppy on two sides using Sheena's poppy stamp.  I confess that although I was watching Sheena's video - initially I got the order of the colours wrong - I have to remember to reverse what I am seeing on the video.  I was also listening to her saying paint the centre green and then highlight with black and yellow - duh this here dipstick having layed the colours out - promptly painted black centre first - so had to highlight with green and yellow - must be a moment when brain doesn't connect with hands!  (CRAFT = Can't Remember A Flippin Thing !)



right I am off to look for other things to paint and recycle ! ..................

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Ann Whitfield said...

Hi Mags, I just love this candle - the colours are so vibrant.
I also wanted to say "thank you" - if you hadn't asked the question about the silhouette studio, I wouldn't have known about it or created the things I used on <a href="http://craftblogspiritofcreativity.blogspot.com/2011/07/sending-you-hugs.html>this card</a> - you've given my robo a new lease of life!!
Ann x