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Monday, 11 July 2011

BahHumbug - inspired by C&C

Yes - I am making Christmas Decorations in July!

Reindeer and snowflake/star

I have watched some of the jewellery shows recently on C&C and have been inspired to try out some of the ideas (albeit I haven't bought the kits).   However, I have in my Craft Crocs stash some beads I bought with the idea that I would make some bits with the grandchildren.   (I made the two youngest stretch bracelets with these pre-painted beads on Saturday - they had fun choosing the colour combinations they wanted - but I forgot to take a photo).

Anyway I saw the demo of the reindeer today - and just had to have a play.  So with pipecleaner, beads, some googly eyes and a heart jewel, my version of the reindeer was born.   The snowflake is even easier - just silver pipecleaner and beads! 

The plain beads I used for the reindeer head can actually be painted, so watch out for some variations - I am thinking along the lines of using my pearlised acrylic paints for the snowflake!  Might have to make it a tad bigger as the beads are bigger. 

close up of the reindeer - will have to get some nice oblong beads for his head.

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