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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Beaded Charms

I had a link in a craft email to a video about how make a daisy bracelet and thought I would play with some of my wooden beads from Crafty Crocs again and make some key/handbag charms.  They only took a couple of minutes each.  I think the flowers are very effective and so easy to do.  Confess I didn't get around to painting the plain beads yet (one of those jobs I would prefer to do outside in the garden and the weather this weekend hasn't been conducive to that!) and the ready painted flower beads are supposed to be for my grandchildren to make things with - good job there are loads in the pot!

I can see that once I have painted some of my plain beads, I will be using that daisy flower idea again.  When I have a bit more time, might make a proper bracelet with glass beads and incorporate the circle idea as well as in this charm from an earlier posting:

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Beryl K said...

Great work Mags
Beryl x