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Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Lovely Evening (nothing crafty!)

I had a lovely evening yesterday (Friday).   I was requested to attend a County Review evening for the Guides.   I found out why - I was given a special award for Excellent Service to the County, as I am about to retire as the County Newsletter Editor.  My daughter was also in attendance and she was also presented with a different award for all her work as Website Co-ordinator and for her work in producing the biennial Power Point presentations for these special evenings including last night's.  After all the presentations, we enjoyed a lovely buffet and chatted to the various county dignataries in attendance, Mayors, Council Chairman, etc.

I was very honoured to receive this special award which is only presented by the County Commissioner of Sussex Central to a very select few.  Apart from a Certificate to be framed - this was the pretty silver brooch that I was given - you can see the Guide badge on the wing, and the SXC down it's body.

When I got home, I discovered my pal had called round with a huge bouquet from her nephew for making the "Fish" cake.  He and his wife were absolutely over the moon with it.   Another completely unexpected event!

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Beryl K said...

How lovely Mag, your brooch is beautiful. I was a Brownie Guider for about six years
Beryl x