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Friday, 15 July 2011

Playing with beads again!

Yes fidget fingers has been playing with beads again!  (and you all thought I was going to put a picture on of the cake I made for my husband's 70th next week didn't you? - well I will do that tomorrow!)  I mosied out after I had finished the cakes and had a little craft spend and wandered around the French Market that was in town.   Probably my best decision of the day as the forecast for rest of the weekend is horrendous - pity those poor market stall holders, and I bought a lovely tablecloth for the patio table into the bargain!   

Of course I wanted to play with my craft purchases, but I was very good I decided to leave those for the forthcoming wet weekend! 

Anyway I thought I would use some of my crafty crocs bits instead and made this little key ring, using the same idea I practised the other day.   Gosh that was hard work - took me all of about 10 mins to make (if that!).   I am making some little bits to put away for the girls for Christmas - although this could always go in to my samples box for Crafty Crocs.   This is such a simple pattern I think I might make a few more variations.  I have some plain beads that I was going to paint to make key rings with ...... erm ...... watch this space!

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