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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Practising Beading!

Well I couldn't continue with the painting of the paint stripper stand, as my daughter borrowed it for a project she was doing with some of her students at school.  I gather when it is returned it will be accompanied by her stand for a makeover!

This morning I was icing cakes for my husband's birthday and my son-in-laws (more of those when the are finished) and I couldn't settle to anything this afternoon, although I did sit and do a little family history, but that sun looked so lovely that I sat in the garden with a few beads ........

I watched Sarah Millsop the other day and she demonstrated making little circles of beads.  Well I didn't have any tigertail - I have wires and stretchy elastic but no tigertail!  However, I thought what the heck - just play and get the feel of the idea.   I also only have some cheap beads that I bought for card making a couple of years ago.  So I relaxed in the sunshine and played - I was aiming for a bracelet - although once again I don't have any fastenings - so I ended up attaching one of those little clips for phone charms.  (Well at least it meant I could fasten it - although the finished article is now attached to my handbag!)

So some tigertail is on my shopping list a.s.a.p !   I would also love a beading loom. (Rather fancy that large one from Beader's Companion - as I could also paint fusion it!)  Some years ago (well actually from my teens) I had a beautiful antique beaded necklace that was a family heirloom, and was one of my favourite items.   It was very long with a beautiful teardrop shape on the end.  I don't know where it is - somewhere very safe?  I do know the beads started to unravel and I repaired it once and then it came adrift from the teardrop shape.   I would never have thrown it out intentionally, and I now know how it was made with a beading loom I would love to replicate it. (It will turn up then - cos that is somebody's law!)  So I am going to be dropping some mega hints to the family as I have a birthday coming up soon! :). 

I also fancy one of those large french knitting tools (http://www.ingrid-de-vane.co.uk/ ) to make some necklaces with ribbon.  (my pal Sassie made me a ribbon necklace for Easter and that is rarely off my neck - so would love to make some more in different colours).

Hope my family read my blog LOL!


Beryl K said...

This is lovely Mags, I certainly haven't got the patience for this craft
Bery lx

Claire said...

Its beautiful Mags, love the summer colours.
Claire xx