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Monday, 4 July 2011


Had a little crafting session with the two youngest granddaughters yesterday, whilst their Dad was putting in new disk drives in OH's computer.  As I was sitting in the garden painting when they arrived, obviously they wanted to start off by doing some painting - the 2 yr old had the water colours out, and I allowed the 5 yr old to use the acrylics.  She painted a great picture of her sister's old fashioned boy doll (shame I didn't get to take any photos).  I also showed her how to do some Paint Fusion berries, pencil rubber flowers and the little swirly flowers!   I do believe I have a convert!

They then discovered my Crafty Crocodiles stash and the eldest one wanted to make a spider - I got to do the messy part of painting the cotton-covered ball  (my choice I might add for my sanity!)  so this is the 5yr olds spider!  I attached them to some stretchy cord.

Naturally the 2 yr old wanted to make one too, and this was her choice of colours (thankfully she wanted hers white).  By the time this one had been jumped around on the cord - I think it looked more like an octopus than a spider!

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Beryl K said...

Very clever grandchildren you have Mags, brilliant spiders
Beryl x