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Monday, 1 August 2011

Beadwork - a First

In addition to the ribbon jewellery kit for my birthday, my husband bought me a beading loom.  I started this last night and sat in the sunshine and finished it this afternoon.

Not the most exciting of bracelets, as I only used the beads that came with the loom for my practise, and  there weren't enough of some of the colours so had to improvise with the colourways.   Also I wasn't too sure about how to attach the clasps!   But for a first attempt am fairly pleased.

just to prove it is wearable!

I have a lot of pretty pearlised beads - so will check them out next and work out a design, but first I want to try a bracelet with some memory wire!   Erm ok - hands up - I am getting addicted!

Thanks for dropping by.



Beryl K said...

That's brilliant Mags, there'll be no stopping you now
Beryl x

Carol said...

This is great Mags. I used to have one of those looms about forty years ago! Wish it had ended up in the loft but alas it didn't - mind you I can't see to thread a needle these days so wouldn't be much good lol. Carol x