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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Craft Day with Granddaughter - Part 2!

I made this today for my daughter: - Turquoise ribbon, and a bead I made and painted myself using Cloud Clay and acrylic paints:

Ellie also wanted to learn to make my ribbon necklaces.   So I gave her free rein of the ribbon stash, but she decided she wanted to use my fluffy wool.   Well I won't even start to tell you how quickly she made this necklace! 

She then wanted to make something else using the larger wheel. As she started it we realised it was going to be rather large and might make a large fluffy bracelet, and that was the plan at first.  We discovered that as it was being created it had quite a "hole" down the centre - Then I had a brainwave. I had bought a couple of Alice Bands in the Pound Shop, with a view to doing something with them with flowers or beads for the granddaughters. Well we decided to turn her second project into an Alice Band cover. (Just threaded it through the middle!). She is now going to show off her creations to her pals and get me some orders! I have told her she is on commission!  (She made a list of all the colours and types of  ribbon I had ready to tell them what they could have! LOL!)


The ensemble!

Thanks for dropping by.  Hope you enjoyed sharing our craft day.



Beryl K said...

Very inspirational. She is a very pretty young lady
Beryl x

Hazel said...

They all look great, Mags. I might have to make a ribbon necklace now. Is it plaited? Hazel x