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Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Lovely afternoon painting...

.... with my daughter and granddaughter.   I am so lucky that we all share an interest in craft.   We are all supposed to be on holiday this week, but we couldn't get booked up anywhere - and as it turned out (apart from the rotten weather we have had most of the week) - just as well as my husband's leg decided to "breakout" again, and we spent an hour and a half or so seeing doc etc at the surgery this morning.  (long story!)

Anyway I spent a lovely afternoon round at my daughter's house painting. !  The last time we had a 3 generation painting day was on Mother's Day earlier this year, so this was a rare treat, and a nice way to relax - particularly as Dawn hadn't slept well last night worrying about the GCSE results (she is Head of Maths at a local school).  As it turned out she had nothing to worry about at the results were excellent.  We finished the day off with a great family meal out - and when I say great I mean great in all senses of the word - think we all ate too much at the local Smith & Western!

Here are some photos of our afternoon's playing:

Artists at work - the mess of turquoise in bottom of picture was mine - I was in process of painting backgrounds on some coasters I am painting for Christmas presents.

Dawn attempting her first rose

Ellie's box top

Dawn's coaster and her first attempt at freehand painting - a clematis

The base of Ellie's box

Dawn's completed rose and crackle finish tissue box

another view of the tissue box

Ellie's rose coaster

Dawn's rose coaster

and finally my painting of a Christmas tree - not quite finished - it needs some snow in the sky and some shadows to "ground" the tree.

Hope you have enjoyed an insight into our "holiday" painting party., and a big Thank You to my daughter and granddaughter for a lovely afternoon.



Carol said...

Looks like a fab day was had by all Mags. Some gorgeous work on display. Carol x

Beryl K said...

What a wonderful time you must have head Mags. I am sooo jealous, but it won't be long until I see my youngest and her family
Beryl x

Sass said...

Just got one thing to say DRATTED CHILD!! She is just too clever!! However, I do have a serious contender for the Dratted Child Crown now lol!!