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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A varied day

No crafting today!  I got up and got my beading fix watching Sarah - I always manage to pick up a tip or two.  I then whiled away an hour or so chatting to my pal in Devon whilst I waited until it was time to go to the hospital to the chiropodist (there is one advantage of this diabetes lark in that I get free foot treatment!)  I can now walk again! 

Then to beat the rain forecast for tomorrow, I decided to continue with the painting that is needed in the garden (having tackled the swing yesterday) and almost finished the 4 benches!  I was cream-crackered by dinner time, and really didn't feel up to cooking - so IMindoors went to the chippy - very naughty I know, but it is a rare treat for us.

I wasn't even up to crafting tonight - but if it is going to rain tomorrow no doubt I shall get my fix then!  I did manage a trial necklace last night with some string, whilst watching Holby - not too sure about it.  I like the effect, but it is quite thick, and beads with very large holes are difficult to come by.  Not sure what it will be like to wear - I will probably add some proper necklace findings to it, which will make it better to wear, or I may undo it, and redo it into some keyrings, or maybe make a macrame type bracelet with beads.  (I saw a pattern when googling the other day).  Can't make up my mind.  This is what it looks like - quite pretty lilac and blue string.

and just to show my painting efforts in the garden :

heck there are an awful lot of sides on slatted furniture!  (and don't look at the weeds on the patio! bending to paint is bad enough! - looks like the boiling water treatment is required to kill them first and make it easier to remove them!)  I do like the colour I chose though, and the tablecloth I bought the other week at the French Market matches perfectly!



Beryl K said...

Lovely necklace Mags, your painting looks pretty good too.
Beryl x

Sass said...

Its alright Mags, I won't mention about all the wood paint on the patio, yer secret is safe wiv me!!