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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Wool necklace!

Yes wool!  Sassie and I bought some  fluffy wool in Hobbycraft on Sunday, which had been reduced to about a third of normal price! - and I played with it last night.

I haven't put any findings on this - just left it with a bow.   Decided to add 3 large black wooden beads to it, that I bought when we were at our little craft shop in local garden centre.  The great thing about these necklaces is that you can change the beads and get a completely different look.

When my DIL saw this last night she said I could knit scarves for the granddaughter's dolls!!!!   I think I will teach the granddaughters to do that.   However I have seen an idea for little animals so this wool might be good for that.  Jacque says she has also used the eyelash wool, so shall have to look out for some of that next time I am in town - Wilkie's normally have that quite cheap.

There is one downside to this addiction, I want to play all the time - and had to drag myself back to cardmaking today, as I had forgotten to make a family birthday card - oops - birthday was today!  Anyway now done and in the post.  Am now off to paint garden furniture (having painted the old swing in the garden already this afternoon - got some brilliant paint for swing from IW - looks like wrought iron finish but is water based - my sort of paint!).    At least I can't say I am bored!

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Beryl K said...

This is great Mags, you should try and sell all these new things you are making
Beryl x

Sass said...

I want commission !