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Friday, 30 September 2011

Hand-painted Ruby Wedding

Ruby Wedding Card

This card was made for some friends of ours celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary this weekend.  I wanted to do something a little special, so I painted the roses using my acrylic paint fusion paints on some water colour paper, and mounted it on red silk mirri.   Computer generated sentiment also mounted on mirri.  I added two sorts of ribbon, some artificial roses, leaves and a little string of pearls in the arrangement.  I used pearlescent cream cardstock for the base.

I also took a photo of the painting and use it on the insert as well.

Thanks for dropping by.


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Reading, Gardening & Tap Dancing card

This is the second request for a themed card from the same person as the sewing one.  This time it was for readig, gardening and tap shoes.

Book Card

I decided to try and make the card like a book for the reading part.   Once again pearlised card base, and I cut a curve at the base of the fold very slightly to create the shape of the spine.  It's not perfect but it's different!

I used a couple of images from MCS for the roses backing paper and the violets, and picked out the colour of the violets for the main sentiment, and added some tap shoes.   Using my hougie board I scored some lines for the spine, and the "pages", and also scored some curved lines, by embossing around a ribbon reel.  I added gold peel offs to outline the spine and book, and then a Happy Birthday, letter and number peel offs, to sort of create a title, spell the person's name as a sort of author, and then added her birth year at the base of the spine.  I used a gold promarker to go over the scored lines, as well as adding a few more for the pages.

Once again hope it meets with approval.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Reading, Sewing & Sudoku Card!

This is the first of two unusual orders for cards I made yesterday.  The recipient is into reading, sewing and sudoku.  Hopefully it fits the criteria!

Sudoku, reading, & sewing!

Pearlised card stock as base card.  I then googled some free images, for the button background, and the little toppers (found a fab site, but not sure that I bookmarked it - duh!).  This was mounted on a beige pearlised papermania cardstock and edged with a rick-rack effect peel-off.  The tape measure was actually part of the button image, and I cropped that, printed it separately, and added it as a ribbon.  I also found some downloadable free sudoku grids, and with a careful bit of placement using Publisher, I managed to put the recipients name in the middle of the grid (glad it was only 5 letters long).   I also highlighted some of the numbers to depict her year of birth.  The sentiments were also computer generated, and mounted onto same beige cardstock, as were the little images.

Unfortunately I don't have any of Joanna Sheen's Haberdashery stamps, but I had some peel-offs relating to craft - so I used one of the scissors peel-offs and mounted a pencil one on some card.

Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sympathy Cards

Following on from yesterday's post, here are two cards I made today for my two cousins.

Painted vellum card

Pearlescent 5 x 7 card.  The Lily image (Art Impressions stamp) was stamped on vellum/parchment with stone grey Stazon, and then painted with my acrylic paints, and embossed from the underside.  Mounted on to black silk mirri and some card-candi added as imitation brads.  Computer generated sentiment, also mounted on black silk mirri. 

This technique of painting with acrylic was a bit of an experiment, as I had seen one of the Paint Fusioneers do something similar with ivy on parchment, and it looks so effective, that I thought I would give it a go.  Next time I try the technique, I will emboss the stamped image first, and take it from there.

Sympathy Card with Poppies

Again 5 x 7 pearlescent card, with a simple poppy stamped image (Penny Black Stamp) and computer generated sentiment, both mounted on purple silk mirri card, and a strip of purple flower ribbon added.  (there isn't a smudge or a crease on the sentiment - looks like my camera lens needs cleaning!)


Monday, 26 September 2011

Granddaughter's Alice Band and Red Necklace

I have been busy with the french knitting again today.  The first item is another alice band for one of my granddaughters.  I had made her a red one for school, but said I would make her another non-school one.  I asked what colour she would like, and the reply was pink and blue and yellow!   Well I said I couldn't do three colours, so her reply was to buy some rainbow wool!  (5 year olds have all the answers don't they!)  Anyway I didn't have any yellow, so made this pink and blue one, and then embroidered some white daisies on it.  Hope it meets with her appoval!

Emboidered Alice Band

The second item is a necklace for one of the receptionists at our surgery.   She had been admiring my necklaces on our various visits, so I promised to make her one.   As I discovered that she is on duty tomorrow, I made this quickly for her today, together with a box, made as usual on the hougie board.

Red necklace and box

Finally, I am little sad tonight as I write this blog, as I learned that my mum's second cousin Lily (91) passed away tonight.  We only knew her for 8 years.  I made contact with her eldest daughter through genesrunited and my familytree research.   We discovered that they only lived a few miles from us.   With trepidation, my mum, my daughter and my eldest granddaughter and I made our way across to them.  It was a very hot day, and the previous day, I had spoken to my cousin, and she said "Don't stand on ceremony as it is going to be so hot - we will be in shorts!"  Well, shorts it was - and gosh was it hot, but it set the scene for a relaxed day, and,  it was as though we had known each other for ever.   My mum hadn't known the existence of this second cousin, but they had lived almost parallel lives.  Lily could remember my mum's grandfather - her Uncle James - and had stories to tell about him, yet mum couldn't remember much about her grandfather as he didn't live that near them (although he didn't live that far actually!)  But Lily and her family lived a few streets away from mum's grandfather. 

It was so uncanny how alike Mum and Lily were, and as we chatted family traits came out, including the habit of tapping a finger when making a point.  Apparently this stems from their great grandfather!  I am afraid I do it, and so does my daughter, and so does my eldest granddaughter - don't know about the youngest granddaughters - haven't caught them doing it yet - so maybe it is a female line thing!

We visited a few times over the years, and when the family moved further away, we managed to see them a few times when we were holidaying in the area.  She was a lovely lady, I was fortunate to have met her and her daughters.  Rest in Peace Lily.

"The Glorious 12th - A Family Reunion"
(my mum is in the middle at the back, and Lily has my granddaughter on her knee in the front - you can see the family resemblance)


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fed Up! + use for a Flora Doodle!

Feeling a tad fed up today as I should have been going to Ally Pally with my daughter, but she has such a mega workload to get through for school this week (a teacher's lot is not a happy one these days) that she felt that she really couldn't spare the time to go.  Add to this the fact that my pal Sassie couldn't make it up either for the weekend.  She was originally coming up to the show with us (fortunately she managed to get to Westpoint for her craft fix).  It didn't help that we knew that the trains were all awry this weekend, and buses replacing trains for part of the journey, in addition to the fact that there was a collapse in a tunnel yesterday, which disrupted the London trains terribly.  So am feeling down in the dumps.

At least the sun is shining, so maybe I shall sit out in the garden (if the gardening that needs doing doesn't nag me too much) and get the Paint Fusion out.  Perhaps if it is really hot tomorrow as promised we will go for a drive to the coast!

My husband even tried to see how easy it would be for him to take me to Ally Pally in the car, but knowing how long I would be in the show, it would have been unfair of me to pursue the offer as he would have had to sit outside for such a long time.

Never mind there is always next year!  Just unfortunate that I shan't be able to deliver the lime necklace in person!  :-(((

Anyway I will lighten this post by adding a little smile.  I managed to get a hole in my large patio door net curtain, and when I took it down to wash earlier this week, I decided to try and do something about it, thus putting of searching for a replacement to buy (which as we no longer have any curtain shops near us would mean a search on the net - no pun intended).  My husband said you need a butterfly or something on it - well craft stash came to the rescue and I attached a flora doodle flower - the result was brilliant.  Now wondering whether to add some more ........ !  and at least the temporary "fix" gives me time to try and find a replacement, though to be truthful I am not rushing as I rather like the effect!  Maybe I could set a new trend!

Daisy repair!


Friday, 23 September 2011

Lime Necklace

Lime Necklace

My latest creation is a lime green necklace for a crafty lady.  The bead was a white wooden one from my stash, so I painted it with acrylic paints, and varnished it to match.  I also made a box for it., using my Hougie Board.  Yes lime green again.   The recipient very much likes lime green - you may be able to guess by the colour who the recipient is.   She knows I am making one for her, as the choice of colour was her request, when I spoke to her at Sandown last week.  I can't wait to see her face when I give it to her at Ally Pally.

Necklace in box

The personalised box
 Have any of you guessed who the recipient is?  There is a clue in the posting.

Thanks for popping in.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Necklace and Headbands

Ribbon necklace

Another of my ribbon necklaces.  My daughter asked for one in sort of beige and browns, and I found this glass pendant at Sandown and thought it would be just the thing!  I also bought some gold findings for it at our local craft shop.

I also knocked up three headband covers for my granddaughters with double knitting wool instead of ribbon - the blue and red ones are to match school uniforms, and the purple one is for the two year old.   I made them on the largest setting of my wheel, and then threaded through some cheap headbands that I bought in Poundland. 

Headbands for Granddaughters
 Thanks for dropping by


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Finished Origami Flower Ball

Finished Origami Flower Ball

Well here it is - the finished ball, all stuck together and varnished.   It was a bit difficult to find somewhere to hang it where I could get a good photo - so decided on the hanging basket hook outside the front door, so there was a fairly plain background behind it.  It was quite a challenge to make it, but I am pleased with the result!

Work in Progress Part 2

One half of the Origami Flower Ball

As you can see I am getting there slowly - this is half of the ball stuck together and drying.  The other side is also drying, so with a bit of luck I should be able to put the two sides together later today!  As you can see I have it sitting on my Hougie Board - and as this is the imperial measurement side - you can see that the ball measures about 9" across.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Work in Progress!

Origami Flowers

Whilst at Sandown I saw a stall with a lovely display of japanese origami flower balls, and was really impressed with the effect.  Having bought most of what I wanted at the show, I passed the stall again on my way out, and decided to buy some origami papers for the granddaughters.  However, as I wasn't sure I would remember how to make the flower balls, I treated myself to a kit (complete with instructions). 

These are the first two completed flowers, I have another 10 to make!    However, I have now finished folding and gluing the individual segments.  So hopefully tonight I can start to assemble the other 10.   It takes a while for the glue to dry, so don't think I shall be assembling the two sides until tomorrow.  (I am thinking of cheating and used double-side tape for that part!)


Sunday, 18 September 2011

crafting fix!

My husband was an angel and took me to Sandown today - never been before.   He sat in the car in the sunshine, whilst I went and spent his money!    I thought I was getting around the show really quickly until I discovered my watch had stopped!

It wasn't very busy, although the stall holders said they had been busy - so probably those that were there, were there to spend!   It was nice though as the stall holders had time to talk to you and be helpful.  I was looking for large beads or similar to go on my ribbon necklaces, and in particular the owner of BeadSpider was really helpful.

I bought a couple of new things to try - so watch this space!   I also treated myself to a glass cutting mat - as there was a very good show offer on!


Saturday, 17 September 2011


Butterfly card

I love this image from Joanna Sheen's Jane Netley Mayhew Collection Part 2 CD, and it seemed just right for an autumn birthday.  The matching backing paper was imported into Publisher and the sentiment added.  (To get the right colour for the sentiment, I imported the main image into MCS and picked out a colour for the wording that I wanted to match the butterfly; took a note of the RBG numbers and changed the colour in Publisher accordingly).   Although you can't see it I also highlighted a few bits with clear sakura stardust.

As I mentioned before I am trying to use up some stash, so once again some peel-offs added as finishing touchs, in addition to revisiting some of my older CDs!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Painting again!

Well it was another sunny day today, and I just had to take advantage of it and do some more painting out in the garden.

I managed to get all the coasters varnished - they look great.  I have tried various varnish/sealant mediums for acrylics, and I must say the one from Crafty Crocodiles gets my vote, it is a lovely consistency, touch dry in less than 30 mins.  Yes I know I do samples for them, but their acrylic satin varnish is really fantastic, and really brings out the colours, and as it is water based, it washes out of the brush very easily.   It says it is weather resistant, so think I shall be sealing my painting with it when I paint my hanging baskets.  Here is a link if you are interested:

http://www.craftycrocodiles.co.uk/crafting-pens-c30/acrylic-satin-varnish-p272  I used their one stroke wash brush to apply it - lovely coverage - glad I invested in it!

Right that is the end of the useful information - back to what I achieved today!

Artificial Candle

This is a candle I bought in the Pound Shop - it is an imitation one which takes batteries, so thought I would "give it a whirl" as the saying goes. According to the wrapper it is supposed to have a vanilla fragrance! What will they think of next?   The Holly leaves stamp was one of Sheena Douglass's Paint Fusion Christmas Stamps.  Not sure I have done justice to the holly - looks more like oak leaves to me!  More practise need on holly leaves!

Shade of Grey Candle

This was an experiment using shades of grey on a small candle I bought from Sainsbury's - completely freehand painting on this one.

Ball-shaped candle

Another candle using Sheena's Christmas stamps.  Although I forgot there was a stamp for the fircones, and did those freehand!   Not sure where I got the candle - think it was Sainsbury's again.  That's the trouble with sneaking stuff into the trolley with the food shopping!

Ceramic Candle holder

I couldn't get a very good photo of this candle holder, which has pink and white free-hand roses and leaves on it with pale blue sprays of dots.   This was an unvarnished candle holder, and I used the Crafty Crocs varnish on it to seal it.   I think I bought the holder in Wilkinsons, don't think it was the Pound Shop.

Side 2 of Fan

and finally I painted the reverse side of a fan that I started back in August.  I had been putting it off, as it was a bit of a nightmare to paint with all the folds - but it has turned out quite well.   The background is blue pearlescent acrylic from Craft Crocs, and the roses are white and pink pearlescent paint (the pink is a Docrafts one I bought at the Glitter Pot recently.   You may recall the other side of the fan that I painted ......

Side 1 of Fan - Paint Fusion Poppies on pearlised turquoise that I created mixing paints

I hope you have enjoyed my little selection.  Thanks for looking.


Card for a Horse Lover

Another simple card with an image from Joanna Sheen's Furry Friends CD - Miscellaneous section, with a complimentary backing paper of Horseshoes from the same CD. 

I have kept the card fairly flat and simple as it has to go to France.  I also used some of my peel-offs from my stash.  I am having a guilt complex about all the stash I have, so trying to be good and use it!  The flowers were done with an ek punch on paper created from the blue in the image, so that they matched exactly, and some gems added - again using up some stash!


Thursday, 15 September 2011


The Four Sets

The weather today has been glorious again, and having done all the gardening yesterday, I spent a lot of the day sitting outside painting these coasters.  (I had already done the background painting a few weeks ago).  I have to do it outside as I seem to make so much mess in the process!  You would think by now that with the practise I have been getting, I would have got a lot better at Paint Fusion, but I felt today that I was going backwards!  

They all need to be varnished and the edges painted, which I shall probably do with gold/silver pens, although I do have some acrylic pens that may do the trick if I the colours I have compliment the colours of the coasters.

Here are a few close-ups of the four sets:

Pink and White Rose

White Daisy

Pink and White Clematis

Mixed Selection:  Daisy, Fir Cone, Christmas Rose
Clematis, Poppy and Yellow & White Rose

I am now keeping my fingers crossed that it will be fine again tomorrow - I think they have forecast a little rain very early and then sun again.  I can then give them all a couple of coats of varnish, and I have some candles and other bits I want to paint.

Thanks for popping by.


ps for Rita - the coasters are wooden ones with cork backing from Crafty Crocodiles.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Old Aeroplanes

The image for this simple card came from Joanna Sheen's Nostalgia CD. The recipient is my old boss, and godfather to my son. Heaving spent most of his working life working in aviation, I couldn't resist these old aeroplanes. It reminded me of our jaunts out to Farnborough and Biggin Hill for the Air Shows whilst I was working for him. (ok - perhaps we didn't see quite so many old planes on those occasions - but I do have a love for the old planes.)

The matching backing paper was imported into Publisher, and the sentiment added, and the image was mounted on foam tape.


Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Spent a lovely day on Sunday at Portchester Castle. Even if my brother-in-law made me walk around the ramparts in heels! (thank goodness for the third leg - aka my stick). Would love to visit again, but next time will wear my trainers. i have never been to Portchester before, and the Castle is a beautiful spot and well worth a visit (parking is free too - so even if you didn't want to go into the castle, there are some lovely views).

The watergate near the Church

The occasion was the christening of my great great nephew, in the little church in the grounds of the castle, and unbeknown to me his mum, aunt and uncle were also being christened at the same time, which made it rather special. Nearly all my family were there - just one nephew missing who is now living up north, and my husband, who was not feeling so good, just as well as he didn't come as there was a bit of walking involved, which is beyond him these days.

View from the Watergate across to the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth

This is a picture from the Portchester Castle Website, which I have included so you can see part of the castle and the proximity to the water. For History buffs, the Castle was one of Richard II's palaces.


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Gift Tag

Just a little something today. I created this gift tag to go on a Christening present. It was one of those happy accidents - in the mess that was on my dining table, were some stamps that came with some goody bags, that I had extracted, but hadn't put away. Having wrapped the present I thought better make a gift tag - and this stamp just sat there shouting at me.

Stamped with versamark and embossed in silver, then coloured with Sakura stardust pens. Don't know about you, but with the advent of promarkers etc, the old Sakura seem to have got overlooked - although I do use the clear stardust on a regular basis for highlighting, but rarely use the coloured ones these days. I edged the card with cool aqua promarker.

I can see this stamp being used quite a bit more - not only for gift tags (wouldn't it look good in Christmas colours?) but also for cards, particularly coloured with promarkers - yes the brain cell is working overtime!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Bit chuffed today! - Updated

As some of you know I have been playing with various products from Crafty Crocodiles for samples for their catalogues. Well I haven't seen the latest hard copy Autumn catalogue yet so don't know exactly which of my samples have been included, but browsing their website I found one of my samples shown!


To say I am a little chuffed is an understatement. I had so much fun painting this. It was crackle finished to start with, and then because of the small scale I stamped the rose and leaves using a couple of Joanna Sheen's pressed flower stamps for the doors as a guide for the painting. The drawer was painted using one of Sheena Douglass's techniques for quick roses.


Update: New catalogue arrived this morning - have been playing "Spot which samples I made" whilst drinking my coffee! ;-)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Blogger seems to be playing up big time ! so Apologies ......

... to my followers and also the blogs I follow.   I am having a lot of problems at moment.  (I can't even see who is following me at the moment! - even if I go to Dashboard - can see how many there are - but who they are, I have no idea!)  and I have tried to comment on a few blogs, but I keep getting you are not allowed to post error message!   Even when I sign in to my own blog, if I want to do anything I have to sign in again!   Duh goodness know what is up with Blogger at the moment.  So mega apologies if I cannot comment on your blog.


Father Christmas Designs

Well this is the other half of the earlier posting that wouldn't load properly!  Let's hope I have more success this time.  The first one shows the white image, and the others I have coloured the image with promarkers - I may tweak the coloured ones by adding some "snow" effect or white flowersoft on Santa's beard etc.

Made 3 variations of this white one with the Hougie Board cross embossing and different embellishments

and finally in this selection one of the Word toppers

and a Forever Friends card made with a ready made topper from a Docrafts Goody Bag

Bauble Designs

Well I made another 15 christmas cards yesterday!  The Hougie Board got a bit of use as well.  This one and the following bauble ones were all coloured with promarkers.


Well blogger is playing up and won't let me add them properly - so shall put the next lot on separately!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Christmas Cards 2

Well here are rest of the cards I made yesterday.  These were all made using the ready coloured toppers from the Kanban kit.  As you will see the cuttlebug has been in use too, and again my stash of peel-offs has been raided.

I tend to keep the majority of my Christmas cards simple and not too layered.  Mainly because most people don't treasure them quite the same as hand-made Birthday cards, and  I am too mean to pay the higher rate of postage when I have so many to post!  (My mother would have said that this is my Scottish ancestry creeping in - although I haven't proved any yet - but my husband does have Scottish Ancestry and he is the keeper of the purse strings! ) :-)  However, I shall make some more elaborate ones for close family and friends, and for those which are going to be hand-delivered!

I spent yesterday evening really enjoying myself sitting and colouring in the uncoloured toppers with my ProMarkers - so more of those tomorrow.

Thanks for popping in.