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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Spent a lovely day on Sunday at Portchester Castle. Even if my brother-in-law made me walk around the ramparts in heels! (thank goodness for the third leg - aka my stick). Would love to visit again, but next time will wear my trainers. i have never been to Portchester before, and the Castle is a beautiful spot and well worth a visit (parking is free too - so even if you didn't want to go into the castle, there are some lovely views).

The watergate near the Church

The occasion was the christening of my great great nephew, in the little church in the grounds of the castle, and unbeknown to me his mum, aunt and uncle were also being christened at the same time, which made it rather special. Nearly all my family were there - just one nephew missing who is now living up north, and my husband, who was not feeling so good, just as well as he didn't come as there was a bit of walking involved, which is beyond him these days.

View from the Watergate across to the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth

This is a picture from the Portchester Castle Website, which I have included so you can see part of the castle and the proximity to the water. For History buffs, the Castle was one of Richard II's palaces.


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Hazel said...

That sounds like a great day out. What a christening celebration! Hazel x