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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fed Up! + use for a Flora Doodle!

Feeling a tad fed up today as I should have been going to Ally Pally with my daughter, but she has such a mega workload to get through for school this week (a teacher's lot is not a happy one these days) that she felt that she really couldn't spare the time to go.  Add to this the fact that my pal Sassie couldn't make it up either for the weekend.  She was originally coming up to the show with us (fortunately she managed to get to Westpoint for her craft fix).  It didn't help that we knew that the trains were all awry this weekend, and buses replacing trains for part of the journey, in addition to the fact that there was a collapse in a tunnel yesterday, which disrupted the London trains terribly.  So am feeling down in the dumps.

At least the sun is shining, so maybe I shall sit out in the garden (if the gardening that needs doing doesn't nag me too much) and get the Paint Fusion out.  Perhaps if it is really hot tomorrow as promised we will go for a drive to the coast!

My husband even tried to see how easy it would be for him to take me to Ally Pally in the car, but knowing how long I would be in the show, it would have been unfair of me to pursue the offer as he would have had to sit outside for such a long time.

Never mind there is always next year!  Just unfortunate that I shan't be able to deliver the lime necklace in person!  :-(((

Anyway I will lighten this post by adding a little smile.  I managed to get a hole in my large patio door net curtain, and when I took it down to wash earlier this week, I decided to try and do something about it, thus putting of searching for a replacement to buy (which as we no longer have any curtain shops near us would mean a search on the net - no pun intended).  My husband said you need a butterfly or something on it - well craft stash came to the rescue and I attached a flora doodle flower - the result was brilliant.  Now wondering whether to add some more ........ !  and at least the temporary "fix" gives me time to try and find a replacement, though to be truthful I am not rushing as I rather like the effect!  Maybe I could set a new trend!

Daisy repair!


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