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Monday, 26 September 2011

Granddaughter's Alice Band and Red Necklace

I have been busy with the french knitting again today.  The first item is another alice band for one of my granddaughters.  I had made her a red one for school, but said I would make her another non-school one.  I asked what colour she would like, and the reply was pink and blue and yellow!   Well I said I couldn't do three colours, so her reply was to buy some rainbow wool!  (5 year olds have all the answers don't they!)  Anyway I didn't have any yellow, so made this pink and blue one, and then embroidered some white daisies on it.  Hope it meets with her appoval!

Emboidered Alice Band

The second item is a necklace for one of the receptionists at our surgery.   She had been admiring my necklaces on our various visits, so I promised to make her one.   As I discovered that she is on duty tomorrow, I made this quickly for her today, together with a box, made as usual on the hougie board.

Red necklace and box

Finally, I am little sad tonight as I write this blog, as I learned that my mum's second cousin Lily (91) passed away tonight.  We only knew her for 8 years.  I made contact with her eldest daughter through genesrunited and my familytree research.   We discovered that they only lived a few miles from us.   With trepidation, my mum, my daughter and my eldest granddaughter and I made our way across to them.  It was a very hot day, and the previous day, I had spoken to my cousin, and she said "Don't stand on ceremony as it is going to be so hot - we will be in shorts!"  Well, shorts it was - and gosh was it hot, but it set the scene for a relaxed day, and,  it was as though we had known each other for ever.   My mum hadn't known the existence of this second cousin, but they had lived almost parallel lives.  Lily could remember my mum's grandfather - her Uncle James - and had stories to tell about him, yet mum couldn't remember much about her grandfather as he didn't live that near them (although he didn't live that far actually!)  But Lily and her family lived a few streets away from mum's grandfather. 

It was so uncanny how alike Mum and Lily were, and as we chatted family traits came out, including the habit of tapping a finger when making a point.  Apparently this stems from their great grandfather!  I am afraid I do it, and so does my daughter, and so does my eldest granddaughter - don't know about the youngest granddaughters - haven't caught them doing it yet - so maybe it is a female line thing!

We visited a few times over the years, and when the family moved further away, we managed to see them a few times when we were holidaying in the area.  She was a lovely lady, I was fortunate to have met her and her daughters.  Rest in Peace Lily.

"The Glorious 12th - A Family Reunion"
(my mum is in the middle at the back, and Lily has my granddaughter on her knee in the front - you can see the family resemblance)


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