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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Work in Progress!

Origami Flowers

Whilst at Sandown I saw a stall with a lovely display of japanese origami flower balls, and was really impressed with the effect.  Having bought most of what I wanted at the show, I passed the stall again on my way out, and decided to buy some origami papers for the granddaughters.  However, as I wasn't sure I would remember how to make the flower balls, I treated myself to a kit (complete with instructions). 

These are the first two completed flowers, I have another 10 to make!    However, I have now finished folding and gluing the individual segments.  So hopefully tonight I can start to assemble the other 10.   It takes a while for the glue to dry, so don't think I shall be assembling the two sides until tomorrow.  (I am thinking of cheating and used double-side tape for that part!)



Rita said...

Absolutely beautiful Mags. Hugs Rita xxx

Beryl K said...

These are really pretty Mags,
Beryl x