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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Chain Maille Necklace

Chaine Maille necklace

Well here it is the necklace to go with the bracelet.  Quite a bit easier to make than the bracelet.  I even made the stand so that I could photograph it.  (I was about to throw out a cardboard box, and had  a flash of inspiration, and remembered I had some black adhesive felt in my craft crocs stash!

For a first attempt at anything like this - I confess I am a bit chuffed and it will look lovely with my new black GOK dress!  The only thing I found was that it wasn't really long enough for my neck - so just added a few more links at the back.  Just need to create some earrings now to complete the ensemble - something simple with the pearls I think.  I also might add a sort of pearl charm to the bracelet.


ps and I can report that my ankle is much better this evening.  There was an almighty crack as I put my foot to the floor earlier, and suddenly I could walk on it.  We think I must have dislocated something, and have manged to "relocate" it!   Still a bit swollen, and stiff because of that, and looks like a bit of bruising coming out now, but I am so pleased to be able to stand on it.

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Beryl K said...

This is stunning Mags, looks gorgeous on the black felt. Glad your foot is getting better
Beryl x