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Monday, 10 October 2011

A Pink Experiment

Pink necklace with crocheted ribbon and silver wire

Well,  inspired by Sarah Millsop's demo with swarovski crystals last week on C&C, I thought I would try and create something similar with the stash I had using cheaper beads.   I didn't have any yarn, but had loads of ribbon.

The wire is threaded with the beads, and then crocheted adding the beads as you go.   The ribbon was also crocheted together with some more wire.   Unfortunately I don't think I made enough links in between the beads, so the finished strands were a little short.  However, I had some chain in my stash, so improvised with that to get the required length.

The only thing that Sarah didn't show us on the programme was how to join/finish off the six strands each side and attach them to the clasp (or in my case - the chain).   So I sort of improvised from what I had managed to see of the finished necklace on the show.  It's not perfect by any means, but looks quite effective on, and one has to start somewhere, and as my Dad would have said "A blind man would be pleased to see it!!  :-)



Dawn said...

ooo very pretty!!

Beryl K said...

This is lovely Mags, looks like all your Christmas pressie's are sorted for this year lol
Beryl x

Pamela said...

That is beautiful Mags.

Pam x