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Monday, 28 November 2011

Introducing my latest grandchild to be

Grandchild Number 4
Had a lovely afternoon/evening today.  I was invited to go along to the scan of my latest grandchild to be, with my son and his family.  Baby didn't want to play for a while and was hiding behind the placenta, but then we saw it.  So funny it was playing hide and seek, covering its eyes with its hands and then taking them away and opening one eye.  Had us in stitches.

Those of you who are friends with me on FBook - can see a video.  Can't add it here as don't know how to download it from son's FB page.


A confession

Well it looks as though I had better "fess up". I bought some Christmas Cards on Saturday - the first time for many years.   I just felt that I might not get through all the cards I need to make.   Having updated the card list addresses and found that there are 142 on there and I have only made half that amount .......

I know I am naughty and quite cross with myself - but just haven't had the mojo to make cards - am so busy trying to get the lounge decorated before Christmas!   Can only do a couple of hours or so at a time, and juggling that with housework, gardening, visits to nurses and doctor appointments which seem to have taken over our life!   Shouldn't knock it really - we didn't see much of our doctor last year as she had fall from her bike, and although wearing a crash helmet - she did some damage to her head.  She is now back and well and not having seen his Lordship for a while, is running loads of tests (not helped by fact that one had to be done twice as we though it was wrong - we were correct .....   added to that I have had my six monthly blood test recently and of course that means a visit to the diabetes nurse.  Stupidly I said to our Doc - on OH's last visit - do you need to see me or are you happy for the nurses to monitor me - her reply - "yes I ought to see you, as haven't seen you for 18 months! .........  hey ho!

Still I would rather our friends knew we still think of them and we haven't left the planet with a bought card, than nothing at all.   Sometimes it is the only chance we seem to get these days to catch up on news.   None of us are getting any younger, and there were quite a few names deleted/amended this year.

Hopefully I will be forgiven this year.


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Red and White Christmas

Whilst tidying up my stash the other day, I came across these foiled images, and as I am trying to be good and use up stash, created this card, with the addition of some red peel-offs that had also been forgotten.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Green and White Christmas

Another couple of examples of variation on a theme with the Kanban toppers.  I think I may add some peel-offs around the green backing square ....

...  and the same for this one - it also needs a sentiment, but having spent a few hours yesterday looking for the packs that I bought a couple of months ago - it looks like some computer generated ones will be the order of the day!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas Cards

Purple snowflake with embossed backing

Well I have been trying to catch up on making the christmas cards this week - managed 32 the other day and another 16 last night - so have now got a total of 70 done - still a way to go, but as you will see I am working on the "Less is More"  look.  I feel there is no point going overboard for Christmas cards, as a) they are not treasured as much as Birthday Cards, and b) with the number I have to make - I like to keep them to the lowest postage rate wherever possible.  

Most of my cards this year are being made from the Kanban kit of toppers that I bought earlier this year.  Knowing that time would be limited as I had so much I needed to do - I thought this would save time - not sure that has worked - perhaps I should have stuck to what I know - stamping or cds!  bit out of my comfort zone with this kit - but you have to try everything don't you!

I have been doing a lot of variations on a theme, and thought if I took photos of the cards, I could also see for myself those that needed tweaking.   Sometimes when you come back to something you can see where a bit of glitter etc would work wonders! - and you can't have too much glitter at Christmas!!!!

So here are a couple more (and I can see this next one needs some attention as the acetate is wanting to curl up - quickie glue pen to the rescue methinks! - Have had the Kanban acetate for a while in my stash)

Purple snowflake with Kanban gold acetate

Purple snowflake with glitter background.

Well that's today's selection.  More tomorrow.


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Floral sideswing

Floral side swing

Well it's back to my current favourite fold today for the last of the cards I made over the weekend.  Unfortunately the colours look quite different in the photo to what was actually on the card!  Sometimes it is so difficult to capture the colours!  (for instance the flowers are much more pink in real life, and butterfly is a silver peel-off and not blue! and the papers to the left of the diamond are actually the same as the ones on the right - albeit without the ribbon!)

I had the topper in my stash for some time, and had forgotten about it.  I had borrowed my daughter's new nestie shapes some time ago, and cut out the fancy topper backing from stardream card, and then coloured one of Joanna Sheens floral stamps to match -  I liked it so much that it got put away in my "stroking only" box  - lol!  So these two items were the basis around which I designed the rest of the card.

I used some matching shades of papermania pearlescent card, some ribbon, various peel-offs and jewels from my stash.   I highlighted the flower image with sakura clear stardust.

I created a personalised pretty pink insert using a JS backing paper which was like silk fabric, with another larger white daisy peel-off on it.

Not sure what I am up to today - managed to make 32 Christmas cards yesterday - (definitely on the LiM theme!) - so it may be more of those, or I may wield the steamer again and try and get a bit more of the stripping of the lounge done!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Another Dog

Dog in a hat

Today's card is another one from JS Furry Friends - there really are some cute images on this cd.   Backing paper is also from the cd.  Just kept it simple matting onto a sort of gold papermania pearlescent card and added a little bit of chiffon ribbon with a faux bow.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Puppy & Roses

Puppy and Roses

Today's card is an image from furry friends.  The backing paper is also from the same cd - but it was pink - so I converted it to the shade I wanted in Publisher.  Backing paper, topper and computer generated sentiment all mounted on my favourite papermania pearlescent card.   Some ribbon from my stash and some card candi.


Monday, 14 November 2011

Water Lily

Water Lily card

Well back in my comfort zone for this card.   Backing paper and toppers, all mounted on silver mirri are from Joanna Sheen's Enchanted Dreams cd.  The computer generated sentiment was created with a faux background, by copying and cropping part of the background before mounting on the same silver mirri.

Thanks for dropping by.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Art Deco

Art Deco Lady

Well this is a bit out of my comfort zone.  Not only is it decoupage, but it is art deco.   Image was from a Debbie Moore's Decoupage Delights Paris cd, which I received from a pal as a pressie.  I kept it fairly simple and just highlighted her jewellery with sakura sparkle.

As my shoulder is killing me at mo (slept awkwardly on Friday night - or was it painting the ceiling that caused it) so am having a smal break from decorating and spent yesterday making 5 cards - so at least I can blog for next five days! - you have been warned!

Thanks for dropping by.


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fluffy Shawl

Well it is official - I am useless at knitting.  (ok to be honest,  I HATE knitting at the best of times, and this really confirms why I don't do it that often).  However, I love my granddaughters, and having seen a little shawl that a cyber pal had knitted, I had this idea of making one for each of them  for Christmas.  The pattern was in two sizes - so knowing I had to make them for a 2yr old, a 5yr old and a 9yr old - decided to make the largest one first, and then the smallest one and work out which one to make for the 5 yr old.

fluffy cape/shawl

So this is the larger one.  It's really lovely and fluffy and silky and shiny - Only problem is - it fits me!   I know my knitting can be on the loose side at times, but this is ridiculous - the pattern was supposed to take 2 balls for the small size and 3 for the larger one - I managed to use nearly 4!

Looks as though I am going to re-think making them for the grandchildren - this one may end up with either my daughter or daughter in law - and if neither of them wants it - looks as though it might be for me!

Well I decided to concentrate on finishing it today, and abandoned the decorating of the lounge - methinks tomorrow it is back to what I do best! (and that is not knitting!)  :-(  

You will find me up the ladder - lol!


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sympathy Card

I haven't blogged for a few days, I have been busy knitting christmas presents, and tackling the decorating of the lounge! as well as sort of putting off making this card - mainly because I like many others I was numb when I learned of the death of a dear forum and facebook "cyber" friend, and my brain cell was not functioning as to what I wanted to do for this difficult card.   In the end I kept it simple.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Little Something for Me and some Christmas Bits

Quick Pendant

I needed a necklace to go with my T-shirt ysterday morning - 30 seconds later this was ready! A Glass pendant bought at Sandown and a piece of suede "ribbon".  (I took this photo outside and it has come out bluer than true life - the pendant has yellow tones in it in reality, and it was on some white card!).

 In the afternoon I was watching the second Sarah Millsop show on C&C and she showed a variation of her Christmas decs as Napkin rings ........ well I had to have a go didn't I?   On an earlier posting I showed a napkin ring, but Sarah showed how to do them using chenille sticks or ribbon - the inspiration I needed .....

Napkin rings and a tree decoration

and here are the rings individually plus a tree decoration (with apologies for the quality of the photos, as with the first one of the necklace - you would think taking them outside the colours would be more realistic - but my white napkins are looking blue! - must have been reflection from the sky!  :-)

a beaded charm with starburst beads on a metallic pipecleaner

red beads and starburst beads on a red metallic pipecleaner

Brown version

pale turquoise version
a very quick Christmas tree decoration

I have a 25% off voucher for Hobbycraft that arrived by email earlier this week - so guess where I am off to later today - think some more of the starburst beads will be on the shopping list, in addition to the wool I need to see if they have in stock for my new grandchild-to-be's blankie!

Wonder how much else I will tempted to buy?


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Template for A4 side spring card

I thought I would add a quick guide to making my A4 size side-spring card.    You can find the original tutorial on splitcoaststampers, but I made a bigger card than the one shown in their tutorial.  Here is a link to the original tutorial, which has a video to help:  http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/resources/tutorials/sidespringcard/.  So this is basically just showing you the measurements I used.

Template for A4 side spring card (not to size)

1.    Start with an A4 piece of card.  Trim the short side to 8" as indicated by the blue line.  (just makes it easier for measuring!)

2.    Next score down the length of the card at 4" - as indicated by red line.  (mountain fold)

3.    Turn the card and score at 4 and 5.1/2" along the long side - as indicated by the yellow lines. (valley folds).

4.    I then tend to flip the card and then score again on the reversed side so it is easy to do the folds.

5.    Fold the card along centre line so that is in half lengthwise and then score the two lines indicated by the turquoise lines, turn card over and go over the scoring.  (You will find by doing this you can position the card on your score board and see where to score.

6.     Go over the scored lines with your bonefolder etc to make the creases.   The red and turquoise lines are mountain fold, and the yellow lines are valley fold.   Gently fold the card, and you should now have the finished shape ready to decorate.   (I tend not to decorate the inside, but add an insert.

The finished card will fit in a C5 envelope.

Hope this helps - once you have done the first one, and got the feel of the fold it is easy peasy.  I have made the smaller size as per the original tutorial - see my little side spring Thank you card (which fits in a C6 envelope), but much prefer this size.


ps let me know if this helped and you managed to do the fold.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cyclamen Side Spring Card

cyclamen side-swing card

Yes I am sorry I am hooked on this side spring fold!  I made this for a neighbour and friend of nearly 50 years, who is also a cardmaker - so I had felt this special birthday warranted me sending her a card with a special fold.  I am hoping that she hasn't seen the fold before!

The cyclamen were some diecut decoupage that I have had for a while in my stash, and they are really pretty - the sheets come in a black and silver version and this version with gold embossing.  I have used the silver version in the past, but the gold sheets have just been stroked until now!   Matted and layered with brown/cream tones of papermania shimmer textured card stock, and I have used this again for the bottom trim of the main card with brown ribbon.

I really do like this shape of card, and am thinking of doing a much simplified version (i.e. without the fancy fold) but using the diamond shape on a plain folded card, and adding my Christmas toppers to it.

Thanks for looking.