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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Christmas Cards

Purple snowflake with embossed backing

Well I have been trying to catch up on making the christmas cards this week - managed 32 the other day and another 16 last night - so have now got a total of 70 done - still a way to go, but as you will see I am working on the "Less is More"  look.  I feel there is no point going overboard for Christmas cards, as a) they are not treasured as much as Birthday Cards, and b) with the number I have to make - I like to keep them to the lowest postage rate wherever possible.  

Most of my cards this year are being made from the Kanban kit of toppers that I bought earlier this year.  Knowing that time would be limited as I had so much I needed to do - I thought this would save time - not sure that has worked - perhaps I should have stuck to what I know - stamping or cds!  bit out of my comfort zone with this kit - but you have to try everything don't you!

I have been doing a lot of variations on a theme, and thought if I took photos of the cards, I could also see for myself those that needed tweaking.   Sometimes when you come back to something you can see where a bit of glitter etc would work wonders! - and you can't have too much glitter at Christmas!!!!

So here are a couple more (and I can see this next one needs some attention as the acetate is wanting to curl up - quickie glue pen to the rescue methinks! - Have had the Kanban acetate for a while in my stash)

Purple snowflake with Kanban gold acetate

Purple snowflake with glitter background.

Well that's today's selection.  More tomorrow.


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