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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fluffy Shawl

Well it is official - I am useless at knitting.  (ok to be honest,  I HATE knitting at the best of times, and this really confirms why I don't do it that often).  However, I love my granddaughters, and having seen a little shawl that a cyber pal had knitted, I had this idea of making one for each of them  for Christmas.  The pattern was in two sizes - so knowing I had to make them for a 2yr old, a 5yr old and a 9yr old - decided to make the largest one first, and then the smallest one and work out which one to make for the 5 yr old.

fluffy cape/shawl

So this is the larger one.  It's really lovely and fluffy and silky and shiny - Only problem is - it fits me!   I know my knitting can be on the loose side at times, but this is ridiculous - the pattern was supposed to take 2 balls for the small size and 3 for the larger one - I managed to use nearly 4!

Looks as though I am going to re-think making them for the grandchildren - this one may end up with either my daughter or daughter in law - and if neither of them wants it - looks as though it might be for me!

Well I decided to concentrate on finishing it today, and abandoned the decorating of the lounge - methinks tomorrow it is back to what I do best! (and that is not knitting!)  :-(  

You will find me up the ladder - lol!



julie said...

wow i think it looks amazing it will look lovely for Christmas.

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Wow Mags, are there no end to your talents. This looks so soft and inviting.

Wendy -x-