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Friday, 13 January 2012

Baby's Cot Blanket

Cot blanket
I have been very busy this week finishing off this cot blanket for my son and daughter-in-law's new baby, which is due in February.  I confess that I didn't actually knit the squares for this one as I was so busy before Christmas trying to get the lounge stripped of wallpaper and redecorated.   Fortunately my daughter's MIL loves knitting and as she offered to do something for the new baby (She is known as Auntie Anne to my son's two daughters), and she kindly offered to knit the squares for this one, as she had always wanted to knit this pattern, but never had the opportunity.  However, she left me to neaten all 80 squares and to sew them together and do the crochet around the edge as she doesn't do crochet - so it was a joint effort.  Think it took me almost as long to neaten all the ends and sew up etc as it did Anne to knit it!

I was so grateful for her help, as I am not the world's greatest knitter - in fact I hate knitting - it takes so long to achieve (give me some material to make a dress in a couple of hours any day!), but my DIL wanted a blankie for the new baby.   We don't know what it is going to be so once again it was a neutral colour - the baby's sisters have pale green and pale gold ones.  (If they have another child think we shall have to know whether it is pink or blue before it is born as running out of neutral colours! LOL!) 

The pressure has been on to get it finished as my DIL has been warned that she is showing 4 weeks ahead of predicted date, so that means anytime soon!  (and there we were worrying that if it was late it might be a leap year baby).  Mind you they could be wrong yet!.

I did say it would probably be born on Valentine's Day as we already have two birthdays that date (one being my DIL!) but now that it looks as though it will be early with a whole lot of family birthdays at end and beginning of Feb, we are wondering what chances of another doubling up on dates!

Now that it is finished - hopefully I can start playing with some of my new craft bits.



starcyl said...

Mags this is beautiful, you have both worked hard on this and to be honest I think you got the hardest job. I don't enjoy doing all the tidying and sewing together but it is worth it. Good luck to the family.
Jenny x

Hazel said...

It's beautiful, Mags. I hope the birth goes well and I look forward to seeing photos of the baby. Sorry, haven't been commenting much lately. Hazel x