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Monday, 30 January 2012

Hugs Tangle


There was much excitement in the road yesterday with two fire-engines and a the fast response ambulance car outside our friends house.  The had a fire in the kitchen.  My pal thinks she must have left something on after she had cooked their lunch.    They are ok, although my pal suffered some smoke inhalation.   I haven't seen them today, think they must be staying with family.  No doubt it will take a while to get things sorted, and as her hubby is currently on crutches they will no doubt have to get the family involved in the cleaning up.

I am sure she will be distraught, as her craft corner is just off the kitchen and I can't begin to imagine what the smoke will have done to all her cardstock, ribbons etc.

Having finished my household chores and done a bit of gardening (vacuuming up more of the dreaded leaves to fill the bin ready for collection this week) I decided to try and create a "Hugs" card for them.    For a change having done the tangle, I then used some promarkers to colour and highlight it.

It was a complete experiment, but I am rather pleased with it, particularly when I found I had exactly the right colour pearlescent card to matt it onto.

Thanks for looking

Mags x


Georgiegirl2012 said...

I love it - you are really getting into the tangling now and very good too xxx

Beryl K said...

You should be pleased with it Mags, it's another stunning tangle
Beryl x