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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

More Zentangle .....

... so ok, I admit it I am hooked!  I watched some more videos today:

Mooka and Betweed Zentangle

The first of today's efforts was created after watching Zentangle's "Mooka" and "Betweed" videos.  I followed their instructions for the initial "square" of the Zentangle.

Mooka is the ones with the squiggle lines, and the Betweed is the one across the middle.  I also tried a bit of blending with a pencil, but I need to treat myself to a soft B pencil so I can blend with my fingers.  ( I only had HBs in the house).   I hope if you click on the picture you can see the pencil shading.  (I might have to save them as larger images as the new Blogger doesn't seem to make the pictures large when you click on them anymore.

I started with the Betweed across the middle and then did the lower Mooka,  I prefer that to the one at the top, as don't really like the black background.  I had to add some sort of flower patterns to bring it to life more.  I need a bit more practise with these two designs.

I then decided to try White on Black:

Black on White Random Designs
This wasn't so easy, although I did do the freehand outline on the black card with pencil for the basic layout of the sections before I  put pen to paper.  I tried my inkessentials white pen, which although it has a fine nib, it didn't seem to like the black card - maybe I need some smoother card.  I ended up using a White Soufflé pen, and although you it doesn't show up in the picture I used a sakura sparkle pen.  It looks quite effective in real life.  As  you can see I included a bit of Mooka on it.

The "basket-weave" in the bottom left triangle had sparkle between the elements, and the right-hand bottom triangle was highlighted with sparkle too, as well as some of the other sections - the section that looks like a ships rigging, in real life looks likes lots of little quilted pillows.  I went over the outside of the outline with a  bullet-nib White Pen-Touch pen to give it a bit more definition.

The white on black I think needs to have a larger scale pattern, if I am to use Sakura pens, as the lines are much thicker using them.

I have signed up to a blog which gives you a free Zentangle pattern each week to try. http://blog.suzannemcneill.com/, and I also think I saw a site which gives lots of samples of patterns.   Think I shall make myself  little notebook with designs in it.


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Beryl K said...

Another two fabulous pieces Mags
Beryl x