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Friday, 27 January 2012

Turquoise Daisies

Turquoise Daisy Muffins

It's my daughter's birthday tomorrow, and I thought I really ought to make a cake or something for her.  (You never know I might get nvited to tea!).   The cake mix is lemon flavour sponge.

Close up - showing the sparkle!

I also made a single layer cake with the mixture - and just iced it very simply (oops shame I didn't realise the name was a bit wobbly - but still she knows I am a bit wobbly these days! LOL! )  Actually I have now straightened it up - that'll teach me not to use the straight edge to position the letters!

I didn't have a suitable new board, so had to use a square red charger!

Birthday Cake
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Beryl K said...

mmmmmmv that all looks rather delicious Mags
Beryl x