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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A is for Anne

I doodled this little tangle this morning, whilst killing time waiting for my eyes to return to normal after having drops at the eye clinic this morning.  Was quite surprised how well it turned out considering I couldn't see that well.    My hubby had his weekly dressing treatment at the surgery this morning, so I created this for his nurse Anne, as I had promised to show her some of my "tangles".

I felt compelled to do something creative today, as I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing, apart from sitting on facebook chatting to various members of the family, whilst we waited news of birth of my newest grandchild.  (I have never known so many of the family and friends be on FB at one time wiating for news!)

My son and DIL went to the hospital yesterday morning, as DIL was having contractions.  Everything seemed to be going well for a while and we were all waiting with baited breath, and then after lunch it all STOPPED!   This morning just as I was leaving for the eye clinic, my son rang to say he had come  home during the night, and was going to pick Kate up as they were sending her home!   They were devastated as she is already a week overdue, and originally the midwives thought it would arrive early as baby was so big!   So we wait again for it all to kick off.   The burning question is will it or won't it be a Leap Year baby!  Hopefully she is getting some rest, and renewing her strength for the big push!

I hope it won't be too long - apart from anything else, her father flew over from Switzerland yesterday to see the baby - we were at one point taking bets on who would arrive first him or the baby - obviously he won.  I haven't heard whether he is staying on or has gone back to work! 

So if anybody has got any positive vibes spare - could they direct them at Kate and get this baby moving!


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