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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Shamballa Bracelet

Pink Shamballa

At last I have got around to making a Shamballa bracelet - been meaning to try for ages.  I even bought some beads at Sandown last month!  Of course this actually meant that I learned to do macramé for the first time too.

Am quite pleased with my first attempt.   Shall now look out for some of the beads with a groove in them to take the cord.   I also want some smaller beads to make some less chunkier ones.   Hope there are some on sale at Farnborough in a couple of weeks - if not shall have to wait until Sandown at end of March.

If anybody wants to have a go - here are a couple of links:


and for visual learning of the knots. (this video used 4 strands, but the bracelet just has the one central strand.



1 comment:

Beryl K said...

This is lovely Mags, my eldest is making these at the moment
Beryl x