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Monday, 30 April 2012

Paint Fusioned Wheelbarrow

At last a bit of sunshine and I have been able to paint fusion my little ornamental wheelbarrow planter

These are all the parts that I had to put together

Then I gave it a few coats of damson wood preservative (Garden Shades)
and finally (after all the rain) a month later - I got to do this:

First side painted - daisies and roses

2nd side - more daisies and roses

Back - Ivy leaves and clematis

Front - roses and random leaves

side and back
OK - I did go a bit OTT - but I just got carried away.  Had no particular plan in mind when I picked up the paintbrush, so went with the flow as they say.  So no planning, no fusion stamps, just free-hand playing!

It's in the greenhouse now hardening off - it has had a spray of varnish - then I can plant it up!  whoopee!


1 comment:

Kay Carley said...

This is just fantastic Mags!!!! I am so in awe of your painting abilities - just wonderful!!! Kay xxx
PS. Loved the necklace too!