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Thursday, 26 April 2012

That Photo again!

As I was so thrilled with that Jak had done to the photo of my aunt, I thought I would try and find the original, as I wanted to compare the colours.

Well it was a case of delving in the back of the cupboard and searching (I am sure we have all done that).  Well ... I found what I thought was the original, which was the "torn" black and white one, with the date - June 1935 on the back; so the photo was taken just after my aunt's 21 birthday.  Thought I was losing my marbles, as I knew the dress was lilac.  A bit more delving and I found the coloured one in an old Album belonging to my parents!  Duh guess what I have the original coloured one and it isn't torn!

I carefully removed it from its corners in the album and discovered that on the back was written (presumably by my Nana :  "I am ever so disappointed in this, have ordered another in Sepia".   Well I know I have never seen a sepia one although I have one of my grandfather in sepia.

So I thought I would scan the original coloured one and post it on here to compare it with the one that Jak did.  I reckon my grandmother would have really liked Jak's version!

Scan of the rediscovered coloured original
Jak's coloured version of the repaired black and white photo

I don't know why my grandmother didn't like the coloured photo - I thought it was pretty good for the technology that was available in the 1930s. 

Of course I then had to play with the original in my photo programme, and lighten it slightly.  (Wonder if my Nana would approve of my version or Jak's?)  I think Jak's - as the grass ad vegetation and facial colouring are much more natural; from what I know of Dorothy, I don't think she would have been a red lipstick and rouge person!
2012 version of the original coloured photo.

Of course I just couldn't stop there could I!  so here are two more 2012 versions - black and white and sepia!  (Don't think you would have liked the sepia one either Nana! perhaps you didn't which is why it is not in our possession!)

oh that my Dad and my Nan were alive to see these 2012 versions! (My Dad would have been scanning all his old photos!)  and Nana - if you are looking down and watching - I still prefer the coloured version!

Thanks for dropping by and reading my ramblings.


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Hazel said...

I enjoyed reading your ramblings! lol Amazing what can be done with old photos now in this day and age. Hazel x