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Sunday, 27 May 2012


First attempt at Lilac

I have been feeling a lot better over the past few days, and manged two meals out - one with my husband on Friday, and a lovely meal at the local "Smith and Weston" grill (Yee-ha) for my No2 granddaughter's 6th Birthday with all my family plus her aunt, her other grandmother and her partner.  She had her "kiddies" party today and I will share the picture of the cake her mum made later in the week (the one I should have made) - she made a fantastic job of it!

Today I decided to sit in the sunshine and get out the paint fusion bits and bobs and get re-acquainted with my paints!

To get back into the swing, I decided to try out Lilac for the first time.  Just painted on 160gsm card for the practise.  Quite pleased with the result, and the actual picture is quite effective in real life, as I used purple metallic paint mixed with the white for the petals.

I then did some prep for hopefully tomorrow's projects - some crackle finish on some little pots and a tissue holder (nutmeg brown on first coast and an almond shade on the top coat - I forget the exact names, without jumping up from here and looking at the tester pots!)

Crackle finished projects - the "before"

When they are finished will post some "after" pictures!


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Hazel said...

Your lilac is beautiful. Glad that you are feeling btter, me too. I'm not too keen on this very hot weather. Hazel x